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It's all cocking off! #DickMcCarthy

Sound of Silence

Hey there! As usual I’ve been neglecting the blog. I was always taught that an empty barrel makes the most noise, so I’ll use that to justify my lack of ramblings. Haha! Things have been really busy in Malojianland lately. The album is almost ready for mixing. I could probably give you a finishing date [...]

“This one time, at Bandcamp…”

Hey there folks! Things have been a bit mental in Malojianland this last couple of weeks, so I’ve not had a chance to update the blog. The Broken Deer EP was released on 25.02.12. It’s been getting great reviews and is starting to get a bit of airplay, so happy days! The cd’s available from [...]

Austrian Tour

I toured Austria with my previous band in Nov’/Dec’ 2010. I fell in love with the place and it’s people! Been trying to get back ever since and thankfully will be returning this Oct’/Nov’. I can’t wait. Last time it was covered in snow for most of our time there so I can’t wait to [...]


Here’s another video for one of the tracks off “The Broken Deer” EP. If it was up to me I’d have videos for all the songs but unfortunately I’m slightly skint and videos are slightly expensive. I’ve been making these ones myself but I don’t have enough time to make one for every song. If [...]

“The Broken Deer EP” Launch

Malojian will be launching the highly anticipated debut EP “The Broken Deer” with an intimate performance at one of Belfast’s newest and coolest venues - “Upstairs at Bang” - above Big Bang Vintage Clothing on Ann Street, in the centre of Belfast. With special guests Robyn G Shiels and Rae Morris, this promises to be [...]

Often Wonder

Hey folks! Here’s a new video for one of the tracks off my forthcoming ep. The song’s called ‘Often Wonder’. I’ve had great craic making the videos so I think (as long as I have the time) I’ll make some more. The ep’s out on 27th February on Public Sector Records and I should be [...]