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Broken Deer EP

“I’m completely obsessed with this gorgeous song by Stephen Scullion, one half of Northern Irish duo Cat Malojian, here stretching out on his tod. Cat Malojian were a band I loved and I was very sorry to hear they’d split up. But the signs are very good for a solo future if All I Need is anything to go by. Just a short and sweet wee number it is but a divine message: Simple life for me, it’s all I need ‐ and there you have it. It is achingly beautiful and there is the crackle and breath of a life being lived in its plaintive revolutions. Think one has to go to YouTube to find it but it’s worth a digital excursion to feed your soul. More please, Stephen. This healed me a little bit. Please heal me more.” Gary Lightbody, Q Magazine, March 2012.

1. Often Wonder
2. All I Need
3. Julie-Anne
4. What Will I Be

Price: £2.99
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